Building an Online Presence

Now that I have plunged into the world of indie publishing I keep being reminded of the importance of building a platform. What is a platform? Ha, don’t ask me. However, as I see it, it is an online presence ie getting myself out there.

With that in mind, I have joined the hoards of individuals and business on Twitter. It is a confusing party for people like me. I did learn that I follow and hopefully, others follow me. I prefer hanging around with authors whose writing is similar to mine although I do like to peek into books of other genres. We write short, 140 characters or less, posts about anything we want and if we like a tweet, we retweet followers’ tweets. I’m getting there but as with the blog, Amazon Author PageFacebook, Goodreads and whatever else I’ve signed up to, it’s a long journey.

But it’s not all work. I have found people I like to call my ether friends on my travels. They live all over the world and I am privileged to see their writing, reviewing, hints on self-publishing and even better, their countries and cities.

I’m also giving my time to writing new stories and editing finished books. These things have to take priority or I will go more insane than I am now.

If you see me out and about across the web please say hello.


About dalefurse

Children and YA author known to branch out into other fiction genres.
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2 Responses to Building an Online Presence

  1. Diane Burton says:

    Hi, Dale. You’re doing a good job with social media.
    From your ether friend in Michigan, USA

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