Our Country Nirvana – Part 4

Part 4 – Our Second Week in the Country.

The second week Tom’s car stopped on the highway. He managed to move it off the road but it was still close to the passing traffic. I was okay when he phoned me. Zeus was inside the van with me as usual. Tom would ring my brother and yes, I do have a wonderful family. I knew Tom was in safe hands and there was nothing to worry about except another late night for him and another night alone for me.

A while later the solar sensor light came on. Zeus started barking – he doesn’t usually bark. His heckles were erect all along his back. I rang Tom and told him something was out there. He was with my brother leading the tow truck to my brother’s property a short way from here and they both laughed. I was scared and they were laughing. Tom told me it was probably the neighbours cows or miniature ponies. He actually told me to go outside and look. Huh? Go outside and look?

I was scared but I braced myself and peeked out the screen door. All I could see was two sets of four hoofs just at the edge of the light. Obviously, I immediately thought of centaurs. I shut and locked the outer door and waited. Zeus continued to bark and growl, growl and bark non-stop.

When my not-so-caring husband came home, he was still laughing at me. I could have bopped him on the head. He had a look around and couldn’t see anything but he assured me, whatever it was it wasn’t dangerous. I told him what I saw but didn’t tell him what I thought the hooves belonged to. He has a habit of laughing at my theories too, come to think of it, he laughs at me a lot. He said it was a couple of ponies and poured me a glass of wine as if that was settled.

Tom went back to my brother’s in the morning to pull the faulty parts out of the car, go into town for new parts and fit them before he could come home again. Zeus was tied on the long rope, we still weren’t sure if he would stay with us yet. I was pretty sure the centaurs wouldn’t come out in daylight, at least I hoped they wouldn’t.

Ugh, you guessed it, Zeus began barking again and I had no choice but go out and see if he was all right. With phone in hand ready to dial OOO, I peeked out.

Between Zeus and me were two fierce animals. They bumped the caravan, shook the tarp’s poles and ropes, and sniffed at every thing we had as if they were looking for something.

I took some pictures with my mobile phone to prove I wasn’t crazy, no more than usual anyway.

You can see them…here


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5 Responses to Our Country Nirvana – Part 4

  1. Love the story but your link simply took me back to part 2!!???

  2. And I’m confused. Part 4 or 5? I think you’re missing 4 or is that 5 from this blog site. Lol!

  3. Hey Dale, You have been tagged. You don’t have to participate but it is interesting to see what other authors are up to. Cheers, Rosa
    Damn I can’t put hyper links on this. You’ll have to go to my website and read my post. LOL!

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