Our Country Nirvana – Part 5

Part 5 – The first signs of a house

After about five weeks, we were, and two months later, are, still building a dwelling. It’s amazing the changes that have taken place. I’ve coped much better than I thought I would. Oh, there’s been problems like the water pump going on strike, the Portaloo breaking, yuk,  and being unable to wash our clothes because of the limited water supply but the worst thing was running out of water completely. Ugh.

Tom was carrying water back from town every day and we did the washing at whoever’s place we visited until my sister lent us a camping washing machine. Thanks Net, it was great. Then we bought a little twin-tub that we still use where we can control the amount of water we use and re-use.

However, getting back to the house, we could never have started if it wasn’t for, yep, you guessed it, our family. Our fantastic son-in-law and gorgeous daughter came out with a dingo (I think that’s what they called the hole digging machine) and water for the cement. While Tom and son-in-law dug the holes and concreted the posts in, I spent a lovely day with my daughter and my beautiful two-year-old granddaughter. My daughter even made pikelets – yum.

By the next weekend, the posts were set and we were ready for the roof. Ah, so much closer to a permanent water supply. Again, Darrin and my sister arrived with their number 2 son. Our son, Mat, also came to help. My sister, her son and I acted as ladder holders and gofers. The bulk of the work was completed that weekend and Tom spent every day after work and on weekends for about two or three weeks finishing the masterpiece.

Once the tank pad was down, it was time for the water tank. The tank people said they wouldn’t unload unless the pad was suitable and two people were on-site to help with unloading. My brother came up and he and Tom screed the pad to within an inch of it’s life until it was perfect. They were pleased with their efforts when the truck, loaded with water tank, arrived. The driver said it was the best pad he’d seen for ages. Tom and my brother watched agape as the driver proceeded to dump the tank on the pad. Just like that – bang. It gouged the pad up on the far side of the tank. Huh? All that work. Apparently, one doesn’t have to be too particular about building a tank pad.

We were so happy with how it was going until the next day. Tom was sacked. That brought everything to a standstill. Now we both look for employment.

The only visits to town are for job hunting and interviews so, with no sight of rain, we decided to buy 15,000 litres that should last until the rains came. We’re still really careful about our water consumption but it’s nice to shower everyday and wash twice a week. Now that’s luxury.


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2 Responses to Our Country Nirvana – Part 5

  1. Diane Burton says:

    OMG, Dale, this is really primitive. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventure. Also, I am so sorry to hear about the unemployment problem. Wishing you good luck.

    • dalefurse says:

      Thanks, Dianne. All is good on the job front now and really it is amazing what we humans can cope with if we have no other choice. I am still amazed at myself, lol.

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