Every writer should hear Ray Bradbury talk about his breakthrough.

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Jonathan Gunson has written (again) a great blog post:  “How to Sell 8 Million Books” – in several decades I must add.

The author he is talking about, is best known through his novel Fahrenheit 451. Ray Bradbury’s success didn’t happen immediately.  While he eventually sold more than eight million copies of his novels and short stories, Bradbury actually struggled for years to support his family before making any meaningful progress.

Before he died in 2012, Ray Bradbury recorded the secret of his breakthrough, the moment he stumbled upon the elusive force he needed to power his writing.

See:  http://youtu.be/YlYAhSffEDM  Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently and read Jonathan Gunson’s blog:  How To Replicate Ray Bradbury’s Success

It’s about building a writing career, one book at a time, not like some people want to tell you, to become a millionaire with your debut novel. It’s about a marathon and…

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