Our Country Nirvana – Part 7

Yay! A toilet (WC, latrine, lavatory, privy, throne) at last.

Whatever you like to call it, we have one and it works too. We also have a four-walled bathroom – no door yet but a sheet works fine.

That luxury has been a long time coming, eight months in fact, but we got the septic tank and Tom began digging the septic trench. He even thought he could dig out the hole to put said septic tank in. He must have thought he was young again. He’s not. And nor am I so I wasn’t going near that shovel.

Therefore, after weeks of toiling before and after his paid work and on weekends, he finally realised he couldn’t do it. My brother-in-law again came to our rescue with digger and within a couple of hours he’d dug the best septic trench ever and Tom, a plumber and drainer by trade, connected the all the bits and pieces, turned on the water and voila, a working toilet.

It’s funny, although every milestone we reach makes our lives easier, we still can’t wait for the next step and the next step is a shower. Oh, we have a squishy-squashy one in the caravan but we’re going to have a full sized, proper shower. I can’t wait.

I am still enjoying clearing the yard area especially when we start on a new patch, Tom walks through first, chopping and digging out prickly native strawberry bushes (our neighbours told us that’s what they are) and I mow after him. We are gaining a fantastic cleared yard are and a good-sized—I hope it’s big enough—firebreak beyond that.


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4 Responses to Our Country Nirvana – Part 7

  1. Jenni Gate says:

    This reminds me of when I lived for a year without running water in a cabin in Alaska. It was bitter cold making that hike out to the out-house in the middle of the night.

    So happy you have everything ready to go but the door!

    Thanks again for checking out my blog. I love Indies Unlimited!

  2. Karla Telega says:

    This appeals to my pioneer spirit. Too bad my spirit is attached to herniated disks, arthritic knees, and a weak bladder. A working toilet would definitely be cause for rejoicing.

    • dalefurse says:

      If you ever get the notion to go maybe stipulate that the bathroom has to be in good working order before you move. Thanks for checking out my blog, Karla.

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