Yvonne Hertzberger tells us about The Dreamt Child

Please welcome Yvonne Hertzberger, author of Earth’s Pendulum trilogy here today to talk about her upcoming book , The Dreamt Child.

dreamtchild (2)

My current work in progress is the third volume in the Earth’s Pendulum trilogy The Dreamt Child. I call it “Old World Fantasy” because it is set in a pseudo,  early medieval period with little technology. While many fantasies have a great deal of magic or mythical beasts and such, the only paranormal in this series is a seer who has visions and a relationship with the goddess Earth. This seer also communicates with certain animals via ‘mind speak’ and sometimes this adds a little humour.

In The Dreamt Child, the seer, Liannis faces major changes in her world and what it means to be a seer amidst these changes. The goddess has decided one seer is not enough in a growing society. This is a story of transitions, relationships, good guys and bad guys, and a good smattering of action.

I never intended to write a trilogy. It just happened. When I attempted to write a short story all these amazing characters wormed their way into my consciousness and demanded that I tell their story. It’s been a fun and unpredictable ride.

As with the first two instalments, The Dreamt Child will be Indie published on Createspace, Kindle and Smashwords.  I hope to have The Dreamt Child available for the holiday shopping rush (Rush? Well, a girl can dream.)

Each book seems to take me roughly two years to complete. I really thought this one would take less time but I got involved in social media, promotion and marketing, and with a wonderful group of authors called Indies Unlimited.

I truly cannot say my work compares to any other writer’s work, though I would love to have Robin Hobbs or Juliet Marillier say they liked it.

While my books are labelled Fantasy because they are not historically accurate they will also appeal to those who like historical fiction and historical romance. These are traditionally considered ‘women’s genres’ but several men have read and enjoyed the first two, Back From Chaos and Through Kestrel’s Eyes, because they have enough action and there are such strong, well-developed characters – both male and female. That is what readers say they love best – my characters.

You can find me at http://yvonnehertzberger.com for a closer look, sneak peeks, and my blog.


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4 Responses to Yvonne Hertzberger tells us about The Dreamt Child

  1. Thank you for having me, Dale. It’s been fun. 🙂

  2. JK Mikals says:

    I’m really looking forward to the release. It sounds like a fascinating book.

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