Switched by Diane Burton

 Book Blurb

Wise-cracking mechanic Jessie Wyndom gets the surprise of her life when she’s accidentally transported aboard an Alliance of Planets starship. Then, she learns an identical twin who was raised on an alien planet has taken her place on Earth. They are victims of a scientific experiment that separated Terran twins before birth. Jessie doesn’t believe it. This is all a gag perpetrated by her Switchedbrother and his nerdy friends.

Years of discipline enables Captain Marcus Viator to maintain the austere, emotionless persona prized on his planet, Serenia. Until he meets the bold, impertinent Jessie. She must go back to Earth before she disrupts his well-organized life. When he tries to return his unwilling visitor, he discovers the ship has left Earth’s orbit–supposedly at his command. When more sabotage crops up, Marcus and Jessie must work together to protect the crew and themselves. As their attraction grows, treachery and violence force them into decisions that could separate them forever.

Revised version of book published in 2001.

A brilliant story written by a very imaginative writer. I love Space Opera and I enjoyed the ride this one took me on. Jess is repair person who enjoys finding the problem with whatever appliance she is given. She loves her job, her farm and her life. Then, through a mix-up or by design (you have to read the book to find out), she transports to a starship only to find someone has taken her place on Earth. Once she comes to grip with where she is, she begins to enjoy her surroundings, and, wink, wink, Captain Marcus Viator.

Jess is fun and very likable and Marcus is everything a Space Opera Romance needs. A lot of the crew are good sports when it comes to watching Earth transmissions, especially everything Science Fiction including Star Trek in all its forms.

I enjoyed the story so much as soon as I’d finished reading and caught my breath, I began on the next Switched Two

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6 Responses to Switched by Diane Burton

  1. Diane Burton says:

    Dale, thank you so much for such a great review. I’m glad you enjoyed Switched.

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