Curse now available on all Amazon stores as an eBook

The sparkling new Curse – Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy is now available on Amazon bookstores worldwide as an eBook. However, I see Curse of Wexkia is still there but unavailable to buy. Just click on the cover and it will take you there or you can click here and go to my Author page on Amazon.


All other eBook formats should be available soon.

As for the print version, I’m still waiting for the proof copy. Having never attempted publishing in print format, I really don’t know what to expect. Will it be a book or some weird looking thing right out of the printer’s imagination? I’ll let you know as soon as I have it in my hands.

I still can’t do formatting yet. Every printer has specific formatting requirements and until I can do all that myself, I still have to utilise others’ expertise. And Secret – Book 2 of the Wexkia trilogy is now in the process of being formatted and uploaded to the printer.

I am re-writing Book 3 of the Wexkia trilogy for the second time. I’ll let you know when I’ve settled on a title. It takes me far longer to re-write a story than to write that first draft and I procrastinate, oh boy, do I procrastinate.

First drafts are exciting to write since I always get so carried away with the story, I type quickly, misspelling or omitting words. For some reason the always turns into het and if I can’t think of just the right word I pop in a question mark. Sometimes there are a lot of question marks.

I still like to write longhand when I’m away from the computer but when I’m finished, I can’t read my own handwriting. Although, it’s a good way to fix the story in my head and when I transfer the scribble onto computer, it’s already had it’s first re-write.

On with the re-write and I’ll speak to you later.


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Children and YA author known to branch out into other fiction genres.
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2 Responses to Curse now available on all Amazon stores as an eBook

  1. Way to go Dale. Your book will arrive and look even better than you thought. You will hold that solid object and be filled with wonder…I wrote this!! Love Rosa.

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