Switched Too by Diane Burton – Review

I’ve been remiss in posting my reviews of the books I’ve read. So here’s the first catch up from 2013.

Switched Too by Diane Burton is the second book in the Switched trilogy.

Book Blurb

Be careful what you wish for…you might get it. 

Down-sized astronaut candidate Scott Cherella leaps at the chance to go into space. He just has to pretend to be the captain of an Alliance of Planets starship. His lifelong dream quickly becomes a nightmare when sabotage erupts. To save the ship and crew he has to depend on an uptight, disapproving colleague.

The only time Veronese Qilana broke the rules tragedy resulted. She vowed never again. Now, to protect the real starship captain, she’ll have to deceive the crew by helping the imposter. They must work together to uncover the saboteur and get the crew safely home. In doing so, they discover opposites really do attract.

My thoughts:

I’ve read, or started to read, books by other authors I’d met through Social Media, both Indie and traditionally published authors and I must admit, some were set free from their computer file too soon. However, I haven’t read, or had to stop reading, a Space Opera by an independent author. Switched Too added to my fortune.

Again, this is a fast paced, intriguing Space Opera. This time we have Jess’s twin, Veronese, also known as Neesie and Neese, going through trouble after trouble with Viator’s twin, Scott. Scott has always wished to go into space, and as the blurb says, be careful for what you wish for. Well, Scott wished to go into space and in space is where he went. A bit…lot out of his comfort zone he steps up and makes a fine captain. He does make mistakes but he’s not stupid. However, one thing he must do well is pretend to be Captain Marcus Viator. He does that, sort of. I loved all the characters on the Alliance spaceship Freedom.

If you like a fun read, read the first book, Switched, and I bet you will go ahead, just as I have, and read Switched Too immediately. I couldn’t stop and I continued with Switched Revolution as soon as I finished this one.

You can read my review of Switched by Diane Burton here

Diane Burton combines a love of mystery, adventure, science fiction, and romance into writing romantic fiction. Diane grew up in the Detroit-area and has lived in Missouri and southwest Michigan, as well as a brief stint in Chicagoland. She’s been a parks & recreation supervisor, an inventory clerk for a flute store, and a long-time volunteer for Girl Scouts. She also worked for an oil and gas exploration company where she discovered the cure for insomnia–reading oil and gas leases. Other than writing, her longest-running job was as a teacher where she taught elementary kids for over 10 years. Diane and her husband currently reside in mid-Michigan.

Diane is the author of the Switched series, space adventures with romance, and is a contributor to the How I Met My Husband anthology.

Switched Revolution by Diane Burton will be up next.


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5 Responses to Switched Too by Diane Burton – Review

  1. RJ Crayton says:

    Sounds interesting. Is space opera like soap opera, but set in space?

  2. Diane Burton says:

    Thanks for the great review, Dale. I’m glad you enjoyed Switched, Too.

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