Tropical Cyclone Ita

Thinking about all the communities in the path of TC Ita. Please stay safe.

Well, TC Ita made landfall over Cape Flattery at 10pm last night, Friday April 11th. She was a cat 4, small in size , but severe.

I heard the TV this morning and a reporter was telling us a pub had lost its roof. Someone had said to him, and I’m paraphrasing here, ‘I hope the taps still work.’

I hope the taps work too, because after everyone’s worked all day with the clean up, they’ll be looking for one or two cold ones.

It’s just after 9am Saturday here and I took this from


Tropical Cyclone Ita

Issued at 9:12 am EST Saturday 12 April 2014. Refer to latest Tropical Cyclone Advice.


If you’re interested you can find out more at the Bureau of Meteorology

We live just southwest of Townsville and it’s been raining here off and on since last night. A lot more is expected tomorrow when Ita degenerates into a low and tracks South.

Our plants are loving the rain. The solar is struggling, but that happens every time a cloud passes by.  We have fuel and a generator so all’s good here.



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