A Conversation over Milk and Cookies with Kindle Ninja

Kindle Ninja interviewed me over at Conversations over Milk and Cookies. I have to tell you, it was the best an most enjoyable interview I have done. Ninja is a great host and goes out of his/her way to make the interviewee (me, on this occasion) comfortable, warm and yummily sated. (If you’re wondering about yummily, you can find the meaning HERE 😛 )

Here’s the beginning of the interview. Ninja has my answers in a lovely green, but that wouldn’t show up here.

In this episode, I prepared slightly burnt cookies to serve to Author DALE FURSE  (@DaleFurse) (that’s the way she likes it, that’ why!).

Dale is the author of the Wexkia Trilogy Books: Book 1 “Curse” and Book 2 “Secret”

Let’s get to know Dale in more than 140 words, shall we?

KINDLE NINJA (KN):  Welcome to Conversations over Milk and Cookies. How do you like your cookies? Chewy? Crunchy? Crumbly? Something else?

Crunchy, definitely crunchy. I even like them burnt a bit around the edges. I know, I live on the wild side sometimes.

Read, comment and share the rest HERE




About dalefurse

Children and YA author known to branch out into other fiction genres.
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6 Responses to A Conversation over Milk and Cookies with Kindle Ninja

  1. Maria says:

    I’m a gooey in the middle cookie eater myself. But any cookie is better than no cookie!

  2. Lorraine Marie Reguly says:

    Here is a tip for you: when you link to another site, be sure to check that the URL does not have a slash (/) and then the word “comments” after it if you want people to read the post. I clicked on the first link in this post and discovered that you should change the link!

    Seeing as how you just signed up for my ebook (20 Blog Post Must-Haves), I thought I would pop over here and see if I could give you any suggestions. 😉

    I hope this tip helps!!! (And that you’re not mad at me for pointing this out.) 😉

    • dalefurse says:

      Haha, of course, I’m not mad at you. :)) I did sign up for you blog and want to thank you for letting me know about the link. I Know I’m supposed to check all links before I close off the post so I can’t say I didn’t know.

      I have given myself a slap and fixed the link. Not at the same time, lol, I need two hands on the keyboard.

      Have a great day. 🙂

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