Do You Ever Wonder if You’re a Good Writer?

I’m sure every writer wonders if he/she is a good writer at some point. I love the last sentence of this article. ” …depends who you ask.”


“Good taste is the first refuge of the non-creative. It is the last-ditch stand of the artist.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

Writing is a bi-polar occupation.

It can fill you with pride, confidence and satisfaction that you never thought you’d feel (ask any author how it felt to hold that first book in their hands) and it can make you feel unworthy of teaching basic composition to second graders (for more on this, ask an author who gets a rejection letter or a scathing review).


Since the release of my first novel in 2009 I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many authors and I haven’t met one yet who hasn’t ridden that roller coaster of emotions.

Some jumped off and went in search of pursuits with more predictable results, but most of them hung in there and ran back to get in line for another ride.

I guess that’s…

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2 Responses to Do You Ever Wonder if You’re a Good Writer?

  1. He makes a good point – to a point. It’s a little one-sided. Sometimes we need to tell our detractors they are full of hot air. But it may be just as true that they know what they are talking about, especially if they are trained in writng or editing. I take every bit of feedback with humility and compare it to other feedback. If two or more make the same comment I know I need to take it seriously.

    I have seen criticism that was well considered that the author dismissed. That’s ego, not well-founded confidence. I have also seen criticism that was off the wall and ought to be ignored.

    • dalefurse says:

      That’s true, Yvonne. Real unbiased criticism is priceless and I too love it. I don’t even mind if the assessor is gruff about what I need to do, but having read the post on The Transparent Author, A Taste of Humble Pie…A La Mode (link above) I’m wondering if the assessor wasn’t up-selling big time. After all, most assessors will temper their harsh criticisms with humour. Ha, I’ve been told a piece of writing was atrocious, but it’s all in the delivery of such truthfulness.

      He obviously thought he could help with the MS. So why scare her off? The price for an initial review and consult was excessive.(my opinion) I can understand that sort of price for a really good developmental edit. Keeping in mind there a number of edits a MS goes through after the initial review, each with a price, I would definitely get a second opinion if I were the writer.

      Becky Pourchot had nice things to say about him and I admire her for that.

      I still like that last line though. Family and friends are good to ask if a writer is feeling down, lol.

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