About Book Clubs and Reviews

Apparently, the club that I joined a couple of months ago has had some negative comments aimed at it lately. The club? Rave Reviews Book Club and here’s how our club’s president, Nonnie Jules, answered those accusations. I thought she handled herself with professionalism and dignity.

Why did I join this club?

The clubs I had been hoping to join one day are Author Marketing Club and The Alliance of Independent Authors. They are great resources for independent authors and I would encourage all authors to check them out. But they have a membership fee and until I’m in the black, I’ll have to wait. 🙂

As if one of my author friends had read my mind, she contacted me and let me know about RRBC. It was free to join. I immediately went to the website and read everything there. The name worried me at first and I agree it does sound like the club only gives rave reviews. However, I soon found out that’s not what the club is about. It’s about members supporting members.

The moment I joined RRBC, I felt like a member of a great family.

Readers and bloggers aren’t forgotten either. The club has a reviewer of the year award and a great prize to go along with that reward, and yes, we do have reader only members.

Yes, as members we are obliged to read and review 4 books a year, it is a book club after all. Many members buy and read more than the minimum, but I’m sure there are some who stick to the minimum, and that’s okay.

As an aside, if you’re interested, here is my review system.

As with everything in life, you get what you put into it. Paying it forward is the go there. I read a lot of books – a lot – and not always in the genre I write. I read as many of RRBC’s member books as possible, but I also read other Trad and Indie published books.

We have Book of the Month, Spotlight Authors, #PUSHTUESDAY authors, Competitions, and so much more. If you don’t want to feel alone and need support, why don’t you join Rave Reviews Book Club?

So there you have it. I love Rave Reviews Book Club and I like my way of reviewing.

Do you have a club family?

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7 Responses to About Book Clubs and Reviews

  1. Super post. I think I will join.:-)

  2. A great blog post!

  3. beemweeks says:

    Fantastic post, Dale! Great blog!

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