From Derek Murphy – The Fool-Proof Twitter Book Marketing Strategy You Need to be Using

I’m trying to win an author website. I did have one, but you know that budget thing we all have to adhere to? Well, I adhered, and my little website lost it’s hold on the World Wide Web.

So please, if you have a moment, click on the link/s below and check out Derek Murphy’s Marketing for Writers.

Anyway, to be in the running to win a website, I am sending you to Marketing for Writers and a terrific article all authors should read closely. I’m an author and most of my followers, friends and likes are authors. I also follow, friend and like other authors. Now authors connecting to other authors is a good thing. Not only are authors also readers, but the support and friendship they offer is fantastic.

But…wouldn’t it be wonderful to connect with readers? Readers who enjoy the genre we write in? Who enjoy being immersed in the worlds we create?

And think about it, don’t we read those same genres? Don’t we have opinions on books written in those genres?

That means we have a lot in common with our core readership. With that in mind, how do we connect with like minded readers?

This article, that’s how.

The Fool-Proof Twitter Book Marketing Strategy You Need to be Using by Derek Murphy

I just got an email from an author who says this:

One trend I notice with indie writers is this: on social media, we tend to connect with other writers. Which is not to say this is such a bad thing. After all, writers can help other writers. But writers don’t represent our core audience. We’re never going to sell a lot of books by connecting with other writers. So my question is, what’s the best way to entice readers? I think it’s somewhat challenging because many pure readers are just not active on social media. Even a site like Goodreads, designed as a platform for books, attracts a large number of writers. I think many writers end up marketing to other writers just because that audience is so readily available. But it’s a bit like trying to reach baseball fans by marketing to baseball players. I just don’t think it works all that well. So how does one overcome this? How to find readers and only readers among sites populated mostly by writers?

And he is totally right

So what can you do about it?

For more please go to Marketing for Writers

Or if you prefer the link:


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