Two Authors, One Story, No Rules

What have I been doing? I’ve been writing and re-writing a new Science Fiction trilogy. I’m thinking of putting the first in the trilogy into Kindle Scout. I’ll tell you more about that in the new year.

Plus, I am still writing that four book Time Travel Romance series. Honestly, I can’t understand how some say Romance is easy to write.  It isn’t–not at all. And the research, while fun, is really time consuming. All Romance, no matter the sub-genre, will be published under a not-so-secret, pen name. I’ll let you know more about that journey soon.

As to the title of this post, I’ve also had fun stretching my creative juices in a writing tournament. Here’s the gist of the competition.

Author versus Author 

64 authors.  Head to head.  There can be only one.

Each matchup will feature a story alternating chapters by two different authors.  Different styles, clashing viewpoints, manic schedule.

Don’t like that character?  Kill them.

Don’t like the genre?  Change it.

However, your changes have to advance the story.

Like their character and plot?  Work together and develop a story or series that you may want to continue.

Will it work or will it crash spectacularly?  Let’s find out.

Each author’s contributions will be reviewed by a panel of impartial judges to determine a clear winner.

The winner moves on to the next round and so on and so forth, until we have an ultimate victor.

It was hard, well it was for me. 🙂  Not knowing what the other author would write in any given chapter was exciting and scary at the same time. But I did it. My opponent and I have finished our match and we’re waiting for the announcement of the winner. The winner then goes on to the next match. Ha, I’m not holding any hope of winning this one, but I’ll be better prepared if I do enter another one in the future for sure.

The story will be published by Author versus Author, but we do get a chance to edit beforehand, thank goodness. 😀 I’ll let you know when it’s available.

If you want to enter the tournament or would like to be a reader of the matches, click this link to find out more.


I’ve also been involved in writing a book with 21 other authors. Yep, 21 chapters, 21 authors. There was no solid reason for my choice, but I chose Chapter 17. We had a bit more time to think about how the story was progressing in this one so it should end up being a coherent and readable story although, I do pity the editors. 😀

Want to see the cover? ‘Cause you do. Presenting…

The Tide (The Multiverse Wave)


You might recognise some of the author’s names:

Hayley Lawson (the instigator), Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle, T J Ryan, J L Hendricks, Adam Kayce, Emma Right, J M Sloan, Martha Carr, Sarah Dalton, Kat Lind, Katherine Hayton, R J Crayton, E E Isherwood, Dale Furse, KS Brooks, Debbie Cassidy, and James Aaron.

I’ll try not to leave it go so long before I post again.

Until then, have a great life and smile heaps.



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3 Responses to Two Authors, One Story, No Rules

  1. I agree. I’m writing a romance now – not easy at all.

    • dalefurse says:

      That’s great. Yeah, trying to get deeper PoVs sorted is even harder than the research. Look forward to checking your story out. I probably should have started with a Contemporary or at least, a time period I knew more about. 🙂

      • Mine won’t be ready for some time yet. It’s set in a pseudo-medieval period like my trilogy. But, yes, concentrating on a specific relationship has its challenges. POV is always tricky but I’m pretty good at it now.

        Good luck. I’m sure it will be fine.

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