The Tide: The Multiverse Wave is Alive

The Tide (The Multiverse Wave) is published on Amazon and don’t forget, it’s FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited.

What’s it about?

Sometimes regret can burn brighter than the stars…

After watching as her world crumbled beneath her, Kearyn could only guess at what might come next. And she’s not alone. With an undetectable virus, one that spread across the planet’s surface, now making its way aboard the spacecraft meant to carry her into the unknown depths of space, Kearyn finds that the key to the knowledge of her uncertain future lies in the hands of an old acquaintance.

The Tide: The Multiverse Wave by [TJ Ryan, R. Brady Frost, Michael Anderle, Emma Right, Adam Kayce, Sabrina Sable, Justin Sloan, Martha Carr, Sarah Dalton, J.L. Hendricks, Craig Martelle, Taki Drake, TS Paul, Katherine Hayton, RJ Crayton, E.E. Isherwood, Dale Furse, K. S. Brooks, Debbie Cassidy, James S. Aaron, H.J. Lawson]

We all had great fun writing this story and I can’t believe how well it came together considering each chapter was written by a different author and no one had any idea of what was going to be written until it was written. 😀

Here’s the list of authors and their chapter numbers, and as you can see, I wrote Chapter 17.

The Tide authors:

Chapter 1 – TJ Ryan
Chapter 2 – R. Brady Frost
Chapter 3 – Michael Anderle
Chapter 4 – Emma Right
Chapter 5 – Adam Kayce
Chapter 6 – Sabrina Sable
Chapter 7 – Justin Sloan
Chapter 8 – Martha Carr
Chapter 9 – Sarah Dalton
Chapter 10 – J.L. Hendricks
Chapter 11 – Craig Martelle
Chapter 12 – Taki Drake
Chapter 13 – TS Paul
Chapter 14 – Katherine Hayton
Chapter 15 – RJ Crayton
Chapter 16 – E.E. Isherwood
Chapter 17 – Dale Furse
Chapter 18 – K. S. Brooks
Chapter 19 – Debbie Cassidy
Chapter 20 – James S. Aaron
Chapter 21 – H.J. Lawson

Keep smiling and I’ll speak to you soon.

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