Introducing Reading Addicts

What have I been doing lately?

I’m excited to be finally editing the first book of a new science fiction trilogy I hope to publish this year. It doesn’t have a title yet because I really, really suck at choosing titles. I’ll let you know what I choose when I finally come up with one or get someone else to for me. 😀

I am also hoping for lots of rain to fill our water tanks. It sounds weird, but we look forward to cyclones because without them, we don’t get our wet season. We’ve only had a bit of rain so far, nowhere near enough to fill the tanks, but there’s a low in the Gulf of Carpentaria. If it turns into a cyclone it’ll be named Alfred. So… come on down, Alfred!

And if you’re a reading addict like me, you’re always looking for new books. So I use free and discounted books to find new authors whose books, be they series or stand alones, I can enjoy spending time with. I do that by subscribing to eBook newsletter alerts.

Here’s the latest:


Reading Addicts is Here

What is it?

Reading Addicts is brand new newsletter announcing free and deeply discounted books to, well, reading addicts.

And to launch the project, they are offering 10 free books to everyone who signs up right now.

Just click the pic below or if you prefer a URL, here it is:



If you hang out on Facebook, pop over and like the Reading Addicts Facebook page as well.

Disclaimer: I am acquainted, via one of my online author groups, to the owners of Reading Addicts.

Hope you have a great day and until next time, bye.



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Children and YA author known to branch out into other fiction genres.
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