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Science Fiction Author, Aurora Springer

I’m so happy to have Aurora Springer here today. She writes my favourite genre—Science Fiction. Aurora Springer is thrilled to announce the release of Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy Young empath, Violet Hunter, and her … Continue reading

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My Writing and Editing trials

A great big thank you to everyone who joined my newsletter since my last post. I hope you all enjoy the books and stay with me until I write my last word in this plane of existence. The celebration is over and … Continue reading

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Blog Tour – The Writing Process

A big thank you to Leisl Kaberry for inviting me to join this blog tour about the process of writing. Leisl was never going to write seriously, but her characters and the world she had envisaged begged her to free … Continue reading

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Have you ever read a book that changed your life?

Please give a huge welcome to Hilary Grossman. (Waits for clapping to subside) Hilary is the Spotlight Author for Rave Reviews Book Club. She has joined us today to tell us how a single book can motivate you in ways you … Continue reading

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Who’s the Writer here?

I am a writer and I love listening to how other people talk and what they say. However, my immediate family members find what I have to say and how I say it funny. I’m no comedian, but apparently, I … Continue reading

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Serialising Curse – Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy

I’ve been on Wattpad for awhile now and haven’t done anything there except read a couple of stories. But now, I have decided to upload Curse at a chapter a week, thereby serialising the entire book. You, your family and … Continue reading

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Switched Too by Diane Burton – Review

I’ve been remiss in posting my reviews of the books I’ve read. So here’s the first catch up from 2013. Switched Too by Diane Burton is the second book in the Switched trilogy. Book Blurb Be careful what you wish … Continue reading

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Writers Don’t Write Stories —

— we grow them. My banana tree died and it struck me that gardening and writing are much the same. Gardening and writing start with an amendable plot in the perfect setting, working with strong plants/characters and using the right … Continue reading

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Curse now available on all Amazon stores as an eBook

The sparkling new Curse – Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy is now available on Amazon bookstores worldwide as an eBook. However, I see Curse of Wexkia is still there but unavailable to buy. Just click on the cover and … Continue reading

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Finding my Hottest Writing Aspect

With our house in the building stage, I still have to wait for my writing lair to be finished but I’ve set up my desk, computers and notes where my room will be already. The thing is, where I thought … Continue reading

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