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My Writing and Editing trials

A great big thank you to everyone who joined my newsletter since my last post. I hope you all enjoy the books and stay with me until I write my last word in this plane of existence. The celebration is over and … Continue reading

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Curse of Wexkia on Booksquawk

What a great way to start the day. When I logged into my Facebook page this morning a link greeted me. It sent me to Booksquawk and Rebecca Lochlann‘s guest review post of three reviews that included Curse of Wexkia. … Continue reading

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Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss Review

Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss I hadn’t read a Regency Romance in a long, long time but I’m glad I didn’t have another book so had to go through my piles and found Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss. I now … Continue reading

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A Short Story

I have finally posted the short story I promised ages ago. My short stories don’t follow my imagination’s usual path of Science Ficion/Fantasy. They are small glimpses into a person or persons who discover ways of dealing with the world … Continue reading

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