My reviews are not professional reviews. They are here to let you know what I liked. I try not read really bad books.

Now I thought I’d let you and any future authors of books I might review know how I come up with my ratings. I work on Amazon’s star ratings and the same review system is used for Trad and Indie published books.

1 star – I hate it

2 star – I didn’t like it

3 Star – It was okay

4 star – I liked it

5 star – I loved it

Again, I doubt I would ever write a 1 star review because I had probably thrown or deleted the book without finishing it.

The vast majority of books are worth at least 3 stars – it was okay. I do wish Amazon would allow half stars though. There are many books that are more than okay, but might have some issues with editing and formatting and such that I just can’t ignore.

Same for the 4 star reviews, some I liked more than others, but I just didn’t love them.

5 star is the tops and those are reserved for the books I truly loved and find myself recommending them to my friends and family.

When I post a review on Amazon, I will step up a something and a half star review to the next level. I don’t think it’s fair to go down in level. I use the same system for Goodreads.

Switched by Diane Burton

Book Blurb

Wise-cracking mechanic Jessie Wyndom gets the surprise of her life when she’s accidentally transported aboard an Alliance of Planets starship. Then, she learns an identical twin who was raised on an alien planet has taken her place on Earth. They are victims of a scientific experiment that separated Terran twins before birth. Jessie doesn’t believe it. This is all a gag perpetrated by Switchedher brother and his nerdy friends.

Years of discipline enables Captain Marcus Viator to maintain the austere, emotionless persona prized on his planet, Serenia. Until he meets the bold, impertinent Jessie. She must go back to Earth before she disrupts his well-organized life. When he tries to return his unwilling visitor, he discovers the ship has left Earth’s orbit–supposedly at his command. When more sabotage crops up, Marcus and Jessie must work together to protect the crew and themselves. As their attraction grows, treachery and violence force them into decisions that could separate them forever.

Revised version of book published in 2001.

A brilliant story written by a very imaginative writer. I love Space Opera and I enjoyed the ride this one took me on. Jess is repair person who enjoys finding the problem with whatever appliance she is given. She loves her job, her farm and her life. Then, through a mix-up or by design (you have to read the book to find out), she transports to a starship only to find someone has taken her place on Earth. Once she comes to grip with where she is, she begins to enjoy her surroundings, and, wink, wink, Captain Marcus Viator.

Jess is fun and very likable and Marcus is everything a Space Opera Romance needs. A lot of the crew are good sports when it comes to watching Earth transmissions, especially everything Science Fiction including Star Trek in all its forms.

I enjoyed the story so much as soon as I’d finished reading and caught my breath, I began on the next Switched Two

Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss

I hadn’t read a Regency Romance in a long, long time but I’m glad I didn’t have another book so had to go through my piles and found Rogue’s Lady by Julia Justiss. I now remember why I liked Historical Romance so much.

Allegra has lost her uncle and is now in the hands of his nasty wife, Sapphira, but Rob, Allegra’s cousin and heir to his father’s estate is coming home. Allegra has had a crush on Rob since she was a child and thought it to be love. She has dreams of becoming his wife one day. However, in rides the rogue, Will, and throws her life and emotions into turmoil.

Thank you, Julia Justiss, for re-introducing me to this wonderful genre.

The Year-god’s Daughter (The Child of the Erinyes) by Rebecca Lochlann

If you’re looking for a Fantasy read, you shouldn’t go past The Year-god’s Daughter (The Child of Erinyes).

Rebecca Lochlann weaves a magical tale with believable characters.

From the moment when Princess Aridala dances with the bull, (yes, a real, live, snorting bull) I was hooked.

I could tell you about the two half-brothers of a King in another land or about the Queen or the seer, healer or even Io, the asp, and more but I won’t. (Did you see how I threw Io, the asp, in to let you know there’s more to the story than human characters and places?) However, I believe telling too much of a story makes it lose it’s magic for the listener. You’ll have to read it to find out what happens to Aridala and if she finds her true place and love in the world.

Although I can say this, I’m always surprised to find I judge characters too quickly.

I found The Year-god’s Daughter (The Child of Erinyes) by Rebecca Lochlann on Amazon where it is available in paperback and eBook forms.

Killing Candy by David J Rodger

I was caught up in the story from the beginning.

David J Rodger knows how to forge a story to the end where the reader (in this case, me) needs to know what happens and how the the story will resolve.

As Rodger says, and I quote, ‘it’s an odd little short’  but I found my reaction to the story and the characters interesting. I can’t say too much because even a little would be a spoiler for those who have not read it. All I can say is, read Killing Candy and take note of your reaction at the end.

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

I found a review I wrote a few years ago. My version of Peter Pan is from Illustrated Classics and has a gallery of of pictures by well known artists. I reread the book and the below review still stands today. Definitely a fantasy adventure book.

I love the language JM Barrie used. Peter is a great character, cocky and lovable at the same time. His voice and personality shone through on every page. J.M. Barrie writes in omniscient point of view. These days most would say this is tell and not show but I wasn’t jarred out of the story. In fact, J.M.’s voice added to the adventure. I knew so much more about Peter and the whole cast, because of J.M.’s observations. I still chuckled many times at his crowing and thinking how wonderful he was. A boy that never grows up, Peter Pan could very well be true. I believe in Neverland.

8 Responses to Reviews

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  2. rosepoetartist says:

    I’m a believer too! Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. dmburton72 says:

    Very nice. Brings back good memories of reading Peter Pan. Thanks, Dale.

    • dalefurse says:

      Hi Diane. Thanks for taking a look and yeah, it’s a really good story. I’m going to read it to my granddaughter when I have her. Barrie had a great imagination.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I cannot believe I have never read Peter Pan! I must remedy that.

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