A Giveaway You Don’t Want to Miss

  Wow, this is a great giveaway.


November Rafflecopter Giveaway

Free Kindle Books and Tips (FKBT) is working with eNovel Authors at Work to produce a great giveaway of signed print editions (USA & Canada Only) of the following books:

In addition to the books, two lucky winners will win a Fire HD10 tablet and a Kindle Paperwhite.

The giveaway will run for two weeks, from November 13 to November 27.

Go here to enter: http://fkbt.com/2017/11/13/time-big-november-giveaway/


The fantastic signed paperback books:






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The Expanding Universe 2 is Live!

Good morning. 🙂

The Expanding Universe is available right now!

With stories from Craig Martelle, TS Paul, M.D. Cooper, Amy DuBoff, ME, plus many more! This is a mind-bendingly huge collection of top-tier science fiction with twenty-three unique and captivating stories. Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

– Science Fiction genres – with space opera, space adventure, and military scifi stories from 23 gifted storytellers (One NY Times Bestseller, Four USA Today, Bestsellers, and multiple Amazon Bestselling authors)
– Get it on Amazon US– All other Amazon Stores

Have a great day and smile. 

Dale 🙂


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The Expanding Universe Science Fiction Anthology Book 2

I am honoured and excited to have my name included alongside these 22 amazing writers great writers.

The Expanding Universe: An Exploration of the Science Fiction Genre (Science Fiction Anthology Book 2) Kindle Edition…

23 amazing authors with 23 great stories


stories by Michael Anderle co-authors TS Paul, Craig Martelle, Amy DuBoff, and J.L. Hendricks!


stories by the indomitable M. D. Cooper and Taki Drake.

So much awesomeness packed into a goliath-sized package and it’s available for pre-order right now!

Here’s more about the anthology, authors, and our stories:

The universe is expanding and these are some of its stories. Twenty-three bestselling and debut authors have created worlds where invasions are apocalyptic and space empires are in peril. The universe is beyond our understanding…and sometimes, what we don’t know can kill us.

From gruesome alien invasions to epic space battles, the second volume of The Expanding Universe will expand your imagination. Explore the possibilities that our infinite universe holds with psychic hunters, brave soldiers who battle vicious invaders, and brilliant engineers who must act quickly to save their crew-members. And only in The Expanding Universe will you find mercenary nuns.

Chivalry in space, pirates versus drones, a starship teetering on the edge of a gravity well, and space marines doing what they do best—kicking ass—will have you on the edge of your seat, turning pages long into the night to find out what happens next. And only in The Expanding Universe will you find mercenary nuns.

When we discover we’re not alone in the universe, will you be prepared? Grab your copy of The Expanding Universe Volume 2 today and explore the worlds that these talented authors have created.

Defense of the Deep Space Denali by Craig Martelle

Fleece Newman is on a deep space mission, a boring duty hauling cargo. Just as he is convinced that the monotony of his assignment may actually kill him, the transport slams to a stop…and the entire crew’s survival depends on what he does next.

Self-Perspective by Amy DuBoff

You wake up time and again in one place. Each time it’s you, but different versions of yourself. Nothing changes, nothing remains the same.

Peyton’s Legacy by S.M. Schmitz

Twenty years after the thieves of peace decimated Cambria, the invaders have exhausted their food supply. To secure the Cambrians’ freedom once and for all, Jenna and a small group of young soldiers will battle the remaining invaders, but the cost may be far higher than she is willing to pay.

Cassowary Raid by Drew A. Avera

Tom has a past he’s trying to escape. Enlisting in the Chancerian Navy seemed like a good way to get a fresh start, but a run-in with a pirate vessel brings his past to the forefront and reveals who he really is. That revelation could mean the end of the Cassowary crew.

Fox Hunt by Carysa Locke

A psychic Hunter who lost everything, Teegan must face the most painful events of her past when a killer escapes from the asteroid prison she once sent him to. She’ll have to risk those she cares about the most if she wants to stop him from killing again.

Honor Duel by Kevin O. McLaughlin

David’s luck has brought him from starship deckhand to the rank of knight. But there is more to knighthood than armor and swordplay – honor often makes lethal demands of those who would bear that title. When his starship is surprised by an attack while David is the only knight remaining aboard, his commands will mean life or death for the crew. But the enemy isn’t always the obvious one, and the deadliest foe is closer than he knows.

A Prayer for the Faithless by David Bruns

Twelve years ago, Mubassir Zadeh willingly gave up his claim to the family interstellar shipping empire—as long as they left him alone. Now the family has summoned him home to take care of one last piece of nasty business. A story of faith, family, and the betrayal of both.

Margolis Space Rescue by P. Joseph Cherubino

Captain Marshall Margolis and his mixed crew of beings from across the Intergalactic Trade Union don’t care that there’s war. As part of the Rescue Guild, they save lives and rescue ships. Period. Honor and duty bind them to the job and to each other. So when a Reptilian ship calls for help, they get to work, but the Reptilians have different ideas. The rescue turns into a struggle for survival. Will that struggle make the crew abandon their principles or will those principles save them?

Venusian Uprising by M. D. Cooper

For the Marines of Bravo Company, being boots down on Venus, fighting an insurgency is just another day in the life. Their mission is to take out an enemy garrison in the city of Tarja, but first, they’re going to have to get past a battalion of Diskers, a foreign military from the edges of the Sol System. Outnumbered and unable to call in starfire, the Force Recon Orbital Drop Marines will do what they do best: kick some ass.

Destroy the Planet by T.J. Ryan

After many years of peace, the Huxley Starship is launched, and humanity celebrates a new age of intergalactic connectivity. When the ship suddenly switches course and unexpectedly heads back toward Earth, the planet soon realizes their years of peace may be over, and their entire civilization is at risk of annihilation.

Boarded by Dale Furse (See what I did there?)

Captain Jai Brolto and his crew are celebrating the victory of a space battle, but one ship is still in the sector, one ship manned by hungry flesh-eating aliens, and they have Jai’s ship in their sights.

Space Colony One: Night of Flames by J.J. Green

A new world colony. A moonless night. An alien attack. Ethan wakes to find his dream of life on humanity’s first deep space colony has turned into a nightmare.

Pirates vs. Drones by J.L. Hendricks and S.R. Witt

Once in a blue moon, a space pirate can be a good guy, or not. The outerworld shipping lanes are slim picking lately for pirate Captain Gore. He takes an Operator assignment that puts his broken-down ship, The Black Pearl, and his degenerate crew in the path of the Mechanurge drones and quite possibly a hideous death on their Harvester ship.

Space Cadets: Acid Slime by H.J. Lawson

Captian Brooke Garcia is a Space Cadet, protecting the galaxy from rogue aliens. That’s what she tells people in her briefing, today her assignment is to collect the plant from an alien planet, Asomea. Brooke’s boring assignment quickly becomes one of her deadliest.

Nun Shall Pass by Barry Hutchison

When the son of psychic space nun (retired), Ronda, gets mixed up with the wrong crowd, she sets out to bring him home. Unfortunately, the wrong crowd wants to hold onto the wayward teen and to save her boy, Ronda will have to face some of the galaxy’s meanest scumbags and an ancient enemy who wants her dead.?

Intuition (A Galactic Warriors Prequel) by Monica Leonelle

Teague Abell, one of the last intuitives of the Galactic Alliance, knows there’s something wrong with her starship’s mission to blow up the Hail Hermione 4 before it attacks her hometown of Nova London. To complicate matters, her intuition might be a bit screwy because one of the crewmates on the other ship is a close childhood friend. Can she convince commander Orion to change course before it’s too late?

Panic Button by Sam Maguire

For mercenaries, there’s no such thing as an ordinary Saturday. When a routine back-alley gun deal meets the business end of an illegal weapons bust, soldier of fortune Kate Sharpe and her crewmate need to find a way out of the no-tell motel and back to their ship alive and preferably not in handcuffs.

Motherlode by Bill Patterson

VectorShip Appleseed plies the star lanes, planting human colonies across the galaxy, but the ship needs uranium. Thanks to Helen Rooney, remote sensing tech, Appleseed diverts to Motherlode, a planet rich in minerals. Once the mining begins, Helen sees disturbing readings.  Should she stop the vital refueling, or is she overthinking the danger?  After all, the ore is so rich it’s a wonder that it hasn’t melted down already.

Emergence by E.R. Starling

Emergence is a blend of military sci-fi and mystical psychic elements. It will likely not appeal to readers of only Hard Sci-Fi or Science Realism. But for readers who enjoy the metaphysical side of science fiction, this is definitely the place to be.

Mara’s Honor by Taki Drake

Determined to carry on despite career-ending errors in judgment, Lieutenant Mara Brown has been stuck in an “exile” post, designed to hold the incompetent and the honorless until they retire, or die. When circumstances offer a possible second chance, how will she respond? Will she move forward in honor and the spirit of the corps, or has she allowed grief and despair to deny her a chance at reclaiming some part of her life?

The Drone Pilot by Brian J. Walton

A drone satellite inexplicably plots a collision course with NASAs first colony ship. Stopping the collision will kill the drone’s pilot. From the safety of JPLs control room, the lives of their astronauts are weighed in the balance.

Operation Solid Iron by James Osiris Baldwin

A supersoldier must penetrate the ruins of a crumbling nuclear power plant to stop rival soldiers from gaining enough material for a nuclear bomb: long-lost technology that threatens to wipe out the rest of humanity. Getting in is a deadly challenge – especially when the mission goes awry in the weirdest ways possible.

Dead in Space by T.S. Paul

An uprising that isn’t an uprising. A rescue mission that doesn’t rescue. A return home where the crew isn’t welcome. Lost and found in space can be deadly!

Click The Expanding Universe Volume 2 for your eBook.

Paperback coming soon.  

Until next time, have a great day and yep, keep smiling.   

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Anthology of Science Fiction stories FREE today

Free 20th & 21st April 2017 only!

I’ve been writing, rewriting, and editing big time so have neglected my little corner of cyberspace lately, but I had to pause Word to let you know about this great deal…

Here’s the book description:

Lives submerged in cosmic war… civilizations standing on the brink of destruction…
Technologies that far surpass our own and ethereal beings of untold power…
Immerse yourself in The Expanding Universe.

Worlds collide as nineteen talented authors contribute their best short fiction to expand and explore the Science Fiction genre. Travel dystopian worlds and discover the possibilities that lie within the unknown. Experience the touch of metaphysical occurrences and enjoy the rush that comes from love deep enough to rattle the stars.

With contributions ranging from best-selling authors to debut works, you will fall in love with this exciting new anthology – The Expanding Universe!

Featuring a Foreword by Michael Anderle

Click the picture or this link


That’s 19 stories to read for FREE and 19 authors to check out risk free. But it’s only FREE 20th and 21st April 2017 so be quick. Enjoy!

And until next time, have a great day and keep smiling. 🙂

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Introducing Reading Addicts

What have I been doing lately?

I’m excited to be finally editing the first book of a new science fiction trilogy I hope to publish this year. It doesn’t have a title yet because I really, really suck at choosing titles. I’ll let you know what I choose when I finally come up with one or get someone else to for me. 😀

I am also hoping for lots of rain to fill our water tanks. It sounds weird, but we look forward to cyclones because without them, we don’t get our wet season. We’ve only had a bit of rain so far, nowhere near enough to fill the tanks, but there’s a low in the Gulf of Carpentaria. If it turns into a cyclone it’ll be named Alfred. So… come on down, Alfred!

And if you’re a reading addict like me, you’re always looking for new books. So I use free and discounted books to find new authors whose books, be they series or stand alones, I can enjoy spending time with. I do that by subscribing to eBook newsletter alerts.

Here’s the latest:


Reading Addicts is Here

What is it?

Reading Addicts is brand new newsletter announcing free and deeply discounted books to, well, reading addicts.

And to launch the project, they are offering 10 free books to everyone who signs up right now.

Just click the pic below or if you prefer a URL, here it is: http://reading-addicts.com/



If you hang out on Facebook, pop over and like the Reading Addicts Facebook page as well.


Disclaimer: I am acquainted, via one of my online author groups, to the owners of Reading Addicts.

Hope you have a great day and until next time, bye.


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For Lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books.


Hi there. How are you today?

IN the spirit of authors helping authors, I have joined some (a lot) of authors and we all have books for $0.99, that’s 99 cents, for this weekend only.

So grab them while you can.

Click HERE or on the picture above.

Once clicked, you are taken to a page where you can choose which retailer you would like to buy from. Just click the book retailer symbol at the bottom of the picture.

I hope you find some really enjoyable reads.

And until next time, smile heaps.


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The Tide: The Multiverse Wave is Alive

The Tide (The Multiverse Wave) is published on Amazon and don’t forget, it’s FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited.

What’s it about?

Sometimes regret can burn brighter than the stars…

After watching as her world crumbled beneath her, Kearyn could only guess at what might come next. And she’s not alone. With an undetectable virus, one that spread across the planet’s surface, now making its way aboard the spacecraft meant to carry her into the unknown depths of space, Kearyn finds that the key to the knowledge of her uncertain future lies in the hands of an old acquaintance.

The Tide: The Multiverse Wave by [TJ Ryan, R. Brady Frost, Michael Anderle, Emma Right, Adam Kayce, Sabrina Sable, Justin Sloan, Martha Carr, Sarah Dalton, J.L. Hendricks, Craig Martelle, Taki Drake, TS Paul, Katherine Hayton, RJ Crayton, E.E. Isherwood, Dale Furse, K. S. Brooks, Debbie Cassidy, James S. Aaron, H.J. Lawson]

We all had great fun writing this story and I can’t believe how well it came together considering each chapter was written by a different author and no one had any idea of what was going to be written until it was written. 😀

Here’s the list of authors and their chapter numbers, and as you can see, I wrote Chapter 17.

The Tide authors:

Chapter 1 – TJ Ryan
Chapter 2 – R. Brady Frost
Chapter 3 – Michael Anderle
Chapter 4 – Emma Right
Chapter 5 – Adam Kayce
Chapter 6 – Sabrina Sable
Chapter 7 – Justin Sloan
Chapter 8 – Martha Carr
Chapter 9 – Sarah Dalton
Chapter 10 – J.L. Hendricks
Chapter 11 – Craig Martelle
Chapter 12 – Taki Drake
Chapter 13 – TS Paul
Chapter 14 – Katherine Hayton
Chapter 15 – RJ Crayton
Chapter 16 – E.E. Isherwood
Chapter 17 – Dale Furse
Chapter 18 – K. S. Brooks
Chapter 19 – Debbie Cassidy
Chapter 20 – James S. Aaron
Chapter 21 – H.J. Lawson

Keep smiling and I’ll speak to you soon.

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