Who wants the complete Wexkia trilogy #free?

I’m celebrating because I have just put the Wexkia trilogy on all leading online eBook stores. It was a difficult process with a steep learning curve but I did it. Yay!

Curse is free






For a chance to grab all three books completely free all you have to do is join the crowd travelling the cosmos with me within the next three days  here

I will send you a Smashwords coupon code so you can download your books in whatever format you prefer.

Offer ends midnight on the 3rd April 2015

Curse (Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy) is permanently free. I may or may not change it in the future. 🙂

You can find the links to all the online eBook sites here

Have a great day.




About dalefurse

Children and YA author known to branch out into other fiction genres.
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4 Responses to Who wants the complete Wexkia trilogy #free?

  1. I’ve shared, tweeted and google+ this, Dale. I don’t have time but hopefully it will bring you some more readers. Good Luck.

  2. dalefurse says:

    Thanks a bunch for your wonderful support, Yvonne. 🙂

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