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An Upcoming Artist

I must reveal that I could be viewed as somewhat biased in this post. After talking about the soon to be released Secret of Wexkia over the weekend, the cover came up in the discussion. My beautiful twelve-year-old granddaughter has … Continue reading

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Author Interview

I was tagged for this interview by Author, Poet and Artist, Rosa Christian and for some reason never got around to posting it so I thought it would be perfect for my first post of 2013. What is the … Continue reading

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Curse of Wexkia now only $0.99USD

It’s a lovely, hot, humid day here close to Townsville, North Queensland, Australia as it usually is this time of year and I am pleased to announce I have reduced the price of Curse of Wexkia in preparation for the … Continue reading

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Secret of Wexkia

Yay! I am nearly finsihed the rewriting and editing of the second book in the Wexkia trilogy. Secret of Wexkia. I’m happy with the structure and continuity etc. Now I can start on the editing. But I have a delemma. … Continue reading

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Focusing on the blog’s direction…

I have thought and thought about the content of this blog. At the moment I like the idea of a mixture of writing pieces, guest authors and mine, author interviews and book reviews. There is a slight problem though, I … Continue reading

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A sample of ‘Curse of Wexkia’

Chapter 1 Standing in the stirrups and leaning forward over her horse’s neck, Nell burst from the rainforest. She ignored the scratches on her arms from the bushes. This was her first chance in two years. She was going to … Continue reading

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Hello again

Blogs and blog sites are not as easy as they look to set up no matter how much other bloggers say they are. Hee, either I missed the technology revolution or I’m much dumber than I ever imagined. And now … Continue reading

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