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Win a Free Copy of ‘Curse’?

Guess what? I am promoting Curse on Choosy Bookworm’s Read and Review program right now and the first 20 to choose to read and review Curse will be emailed a book gift card. All we ask is for you to review … Continue reading

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A June Birthday Discount

June is an important month in Australia. The 1st is officially winter and it’s my birthday month. Yes, if you’re interested in Astrology, I’m a Gemini and yes, I do have a split personality, lol. Plus, it was the Queen’s birthday too, … Continue reading

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‘Curse’ Wins an IBD Award

I woke up this morning to find an email in my inbox from Joshua on behalf of the IBD awards. Someone had nominated Curse for the IBD Awards. Whoever you are, I thank, thank, thank you and I love you! … Continue reading

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A Conversation over Milk and Cookies with Kindle Ninja

Kindle Ninja interviewed me over at Conversations over Milk and Cookies. I have to tell you, it was the best an most enjoyable interview I have done. Ninja is a great host and goes out of his/her way to make … Continue reading

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The saga continues: Curse on Wattpad

As you might know, I am posting Curse (Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy) in serial form on Wattpad. Why? I want more people to read it. As of now, the reads are as follows: Chapter 1: 149 Chapter 2: 58 … Continue reading

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Update on Wattpad

The serialisation of the Novel, Curse (Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy) on Wattpad. Chapter 1 has had 73 reads although about 6 or 7 of those were me checking to see if there were any new reads. 😀 Chapter … Continue reading

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Serialising Curse – Book 1 of the Wexkia trilogy

I’ve been on Wattpad for awhile now and haven’t done anything there except read a couple of stories. But now, I have decided to upload Curse at a chapter a week, thereby serialising the entire book. You, your family and … Continue reading

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